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Top 7 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Everyone Should Know and Avoid.

What is Affiliate Marketing and Why Knowing & Avoiding These Mistakes is Crucial

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Top 7 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes  Everyone Should Know and Avoid.

So if you want to start an affiliate business, avoid these beginners mistakes.

Affiliate Marketing is simply promoting a product from a vendor, and each time someone makes a purchase, you get paid.

Your job is to connect the buyer with the seller. You do not have to look after customer services or carry an inventory.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income, but don't think you will be sitting on the beach drinking a pina colada doing nothing. You will have to work hard, but the good thing about this business is that you can do this from where ever you want.

Is it feasible? The answer is yes it is. 

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Number 1: Make sure to choose the right niche.

What I mean by that is quite simple do not choose a niche only for the money. Do not only try to sell a product only because the commission is reasonable.

 Don't get me wrong, the more you make in commission, the better it is, of course, but here are some examples of what I mean.
Imagine you choose a niche for guitars.

The money is good, so you say to yourself, let's blog about guitars. If you have no interest in guitars, you will find it challenging to blog about them regularly. 

Actually, you will hate it, but on the contrary, if you choose a niche you are passionate about, that will be totally different because you have more interest in it. 

Finding a subject about that product to blog about will become easy.

That is what I mean by choosing a niche you are interested in. Compare this to another niche where only the money is good. I hope you understand my point.

A couple of years ago, I was promoting a weight loss product, and I did make some commissions very fast from that product, but I wouldn't say I liked blogging about this topic.

Weight loss was not my thing, so I quit, even after earning commissions.
So choosing a niche is not difficult, but choosing the right one is another thing.

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Number 2: If you are a beginner, do not load your website with links.

affiliate links

When I am searching for information on the net, and I land on a website to have more information about what I am looking for and the only thing I see is links and promotions and all that kind of stuff  I leave because you can see immediately that I am probably not on the right site simply because they are only trying to sell you something and it can be annoying.

That is why you need to have good content and information on your website that will benefit your readers.

Again I am not saying that having links is terrible but do not load your site with too many of these links. 

And if you do have links, make sure they are relevant to your topic. If you are blogging about fishing, it would make sense to see links about a fishing product but do not try to promote golf products if your site is about fishing.

 I am sure you get my point.

Another question I get?
Do you need a website to promote online?
No, you do not need a website to promote links.

But I recommend doing something else. You might as well build your list simultaneously. 

This brings me to the number 3 mistakes.

Number 3: Not building a list from the start

Not building a list from the start, and yes, again, I made the same mistake. When you begin as an affiliate, you think you can do everything without any tools. 

But soon enough, you realize that you do need these tools.

The good news is that you can start building your list without spending a dime. There is this platform that allows you to test drive their list building for FREE up to 500 contacts.

Over that, you will have to jump to the paid version, but at least you will have tried their system to see if it suits your business. Please feel free to check it out here.

Here is another way to try to do this without spending money. You can use social media ad a  CTA (call to action) on your profile or a post to start building your list. Use your Instagram story or Pinterest etc...

I would say the main reason I did not build my list from the beginning is that I was trying to cut corners, you know, when you want to do online marketing without spending a dime. This was a mistake. I should of start to build a list right from the beginning.

Why wouldn't you build a list simultaneously if you promote a product?

The answer is it's because it's easier. You only have to promote a link; if you make a sale, you get paid.No website is needed.

That is the easy way I did the same: promoting direct links online and getting commissions when making a sale. 

The problem with this is that you bring people into your offer, and if they don't buy, they are gone; you have no second chance to reach them to offer them something else eventually. 

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Number 4: Only Trying to Sell

Number four, trying to sell this is a big mistake and do not think for a second that I have not made this mistake. I sure did. I thought that the only thing I had to do was to build a website and write a small article and jam my site with affiliate links, and that was it.

Well, it definitely doesn't work this way. I did it, and I failed.

So do not do this.

Try to provide good information for your readers. Give them the information they are looking for. Feel free to give them tips and tricks to succeed with their online business.

The plan is to build your list and build trust. Write a good article that will be valuable for your readers. Feel free to link to another website if you want them to learn more on the topic. Your readers will appreciate that.

When writing your blog, it's good to link to another relevant article on your website or other credible websites.

So the main thing to do when writing the article is to write an excellent valuable article that will provide good information to your readers.

Sales will come after.


Number 5: Not knowing enough about the product they are selling.

If you are going to write an article about a product, at least make sure to do your homework first.

You will have to do some research about the product in question. The more you know about it, the better you will be able to give the correct information. You should try it before you start to promote. Buy the product and test it compared to others.

When you write an article only to sell, it can be challenging to convince your audience why it is better to buy this product versus another.

Your audience will see you coming from miles when you only try to sell. It's better to inform and educates your readers about the products you are promoting.
If you have proof that you have used it even better, give tips about the pros and cons it's even better. 

Number 6:  Not doing Keyword research.

Not doing keyword research is a mistake most beginners will make.

SEO Keyword Research

Why is it important?

It helps businesses generate more organic traffic to their websites, meaning the more visitors you have to your website, the more sales you will make. That is why Keyword research is an essential part of SEO, as it helps businesses identify the words and phrases their target audience uses when searching for a product or service.

With keyword research, you can write articles with the best words to generate traffic to your website.

I am writing about keyword research for organic ranking in Google, but if you decide to go for paid advertising, that is a different story.


Organic traffic is a way to generate leads without paying you to generate leads with the information you provide. That is why I have mentioned writing a good article with great information for your readers if you want to rank in Google.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic involves paying for clicks on your ads to send them to your website, which is much faster than writing content for your blog. 

This brings me to the number 7 mistakes.

paid ads gets results

Number 7:  Not using paid ads to generate traffic to their website.

Creating content on your blog is a great way to generate traffic, but it's also a lot of work if you do all the work by yourself. It can be more challenging to rank compared to paid ads.

Paid ads generate traffic instantly, but they also cost more the cost will vary on what keyword you aim for and which platform you will advertise on.

You can advertise on many different platforms. 

Here are some examples

1: Goole ads

2: Instagram

3: Twitter 


5: Facebook

6: Tik Tok 

7: Youtube

8: Bing Ads

9: Buy Sell Ads 

10: LinkedIn ads

So if you are going to do paid advertising, you will get leads quite fast. That's the difference compared to writing an article on your blog. A combination of both ways is excellent.

In Conclusion  

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. The one problem most beginners make is that they think they only have to write an article about a product and fill their website with links ads in their sidebar and expect to make sales immediately.

It will take time. Some will succeed faster than others, but you must have patience and write articles on your website regularly.

Provide valuable information rather than just trying to sell to your audience, and make sure to research the niche you are about to promote. 

It will need to be something you are passionate about. Do not only choose a niche because the money is good.
Remember, the more money you make on a product, the more competition you will have, and some outstanding marketers are out there.

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